How Can You Get the Best Currency Exchange Rate?

cover-3There are times when you forget to exchange your currency with the destination currency. In such emergency situations, airport currency kiosk is the only way through which the need for local currency can be fulfilled. Most of the time when you use the airport kiosk you will notice that a large sum of money has been deducted from the exchanged money. Instead of taking a foreign trip, you would think it would have been better to sit at home.  Exchanges rates and fees are always fluctuating and to get the best rates you need a plan. If you are a resident of Brisbane, then finding the best currency exchange Brisbane and money exchange Brisbane companies will aid in getting effective rates. But if you don’t, here are a few steps through which you can avoid a wallet surgery:

  • Check if your debit card belongs to an international network, such as Cirrus, etc. Also check if you have the pin. Most kiosks only recognize number pins, so if you have alphanumeric pin, ensure that you have changed it to a completely numeric pin. This will help in smooth international money transfer service Brisbane or cash withdrawal in local currency.
  • Contact you5r bank beforehand and ask them about the fees that they would charge on international debit transaction. Larger banks charge more fees but nothing compared to airport or train station kiosk. Usually 1 to 3 percent is deducted for every withdrawal made. In addition a transaction fee of at least $3 will also be deducted. If your ATM card is not an international one, it is better to leave it at home.
  • If you own a Visa or MasterCard credit card, get an estimate from the financial organization on the transaction fees that would be charged on the card issuer. The information will help you to transact with the credit card, when and if necessary.
  • Try frequent withdrawals if you are using your ATM cards. This is because the frequent the transactions the more charge the bank deducts for them. The exchange rate changes daily and most of the time the exchange rate is better in the destination country. So before withdrawal, plan and analyze to get the best rates anywhere.

4Despite of using the ATM card to get the desired amount of money anywhere, it is always better to have some cash in hand. To do that, visit any currency exchange Brisbane and exchange the local money to international destination money. This amount of money will aid you in getting the basic costs covered. Travel with a few dollars of your local currency to avoid paying any second fee to convert any leftover foreign currency. Always choose the best money exchange company, because only the best category companies will offer you the best rates and would have all necessary currencies on hand. Avoid black market currency dealers, as they offer rates higher than banks and transactions done with them are illegal.

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